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Chevrolet LS2 / LS6 Blocks / LS6 Heads

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SOLD LS6 Cylinder Heads – $700/pair – includes Escalade Manifold

SOLD LS6 Blocks – $750

SOLD LS2 Blocks – $1200

Modular Ford – Formula Drift

Vaughn Gittin Jr won Championship with Hasselgren Engine

Falken Mustang JR modular fordHasselgren’s Modular Ford engine powered Falken Tire’s Mustang to the 2008 championship, driven by standout Vaughn Gittin Jr.

The team came to Hasselgren after experiencing several failures of the crate engine early in 2008.  The billet chain guides were part of the key to success for improving reliability for the Hasselgren Modular Ford engine.

The billet chain guides are available from Hasselgren.

Custom Exhaust Manifold Fabrication

Stainless tube header for prototypes and production

Exhaust Manifold Flange Design

Hasselgren has expanded its fabrication capabilities to include custom stainless or mild steel exhaust manifold assemblies.  Hasselgren can design and machine flanges and assemble for prototype or production quantities.  We can also advise on muffler requirements to fit chassis space and sound level constraints.

The gallery shows the recent design and prototype for the Mazda MZR engine Hasselgren is providing for new FormulaSPEED2.0 race car.

Billet Barrel Throttle Valve

New! Hasselgren’s first billet barrel throttle valve

Toyota 4age

Barrel throttles have an inherent advantage over butterfly throttles in regards to flow and power.   This package has been designed for stock port injection or “trumpet” injection.

In “trumpet” or “gantry” style injection systems (where the injector is mounted upstream of the velocity stack) the barrel throttle typically has issues with part throttle fuel droplet handling.  Hasselgren’s internal design details addresses these shortcomings.

Note: as a retrofit to a Swift 014 chassis, the trunnion bar also needs to be replaced.

FormulaSpeed 2.0 Mazda MZR

Development for Mazda MX5 Engine

Hasselgren has been selected as the spec engine builder for the new FormulaSPEED2.0 race car which will participate in the Formula Car Challenge, sanctioned by NASA Pro Racing.

Hasselgren has designed and manufactured components to convert the production 2.0 MZR MX5 engine for a formula race car: billet oil pan, combined oil cooler/filter mount, intake manifold, race alternator mounts, oil swirl pot, variable valve timing engine tuning with Cosworth/Pectel ECU.  The car will make its debut this summer.