New Alfa Romeo 2600 Weber Manifold

Finally – After 50 Years – Weber Manifold Solution for Alfa 2600

Alfa 2600 Weber Manifold
Alfa 2600 Weber manifold


Alfa Romeo introduced its 6C 2600 model in 1962, and over the next five years built almost 12,000 units including Spider, Sprint, and Berlina versions of the car.  Most of these vehicles were fitted with fuel efficient Solex carburetors and manifolds.  A lucky few received Alfa’s high performance Weber manifold with three Weber DCOE carburetors.  2600 Solex owners seeking better performance were forced to find an original Weber manifold or convert their Solex manifold to run with Weber carburetors.  As a result, original Weber manifolds have grown increasingly scarce and expensive, while converted Solex manifolds are now almost as costly as Weber manifolds but rarely perform as well. 

Blending the Best of Both Worlds – New Solution for Beloved Classic

Hasselgren Engineering is proud to announce it has solved the manifold challenge vexing Alfa 2600 owners for over fifty years.  Using advanced laser scanning and casting techniques combined with CAD engineering, Hasselgren has accurately reproduced the 2600 Weber manifold, retaining the look and feel of the original part. The manifold is cast in A356 aluminum alloy, similar in finished appearance to the alloy originally used by Alfa to cast major components of the 2600 engine.  In developing the mold for the manifold, Hasselgren improved the alignment of the manifold’s intake runners with the intake ports in the 2600 head.  The manifold’s internal water passages, water jacket, and vacuum connections were also adjusted.  As a result, Hasselgren can now offer Alfa 2600 owners the look-alike originality of a period Weber manifold, with internal improvements that provide better intake flow and cooling attributes essential to increasing the performance of the 2600 engine.

Alfa 2600 Manifold Available in 2 Options

[#1] Performance package upgrades for the Alfa 2600 engine, includes the new Weber manifold and fittings, uprated heads with new cams and valve train components, and a tubular exhaust system with high performance muffler. The completed package is dyno tested and tuned to optimize engine performance. 

[#2] Weber manifold kit includes the new Weber manifold with fittings for water connections, vacuum ports, and water temperature sender. Customers must provide or separately purchase a throttle bar, as well as the standard 2600 thermostat, temperature sending unit and gaskets required for final installation. 

In addition to the above options, Hasselgren also offers a selection of clear and black anodized aluminum carburetor mounts and aluminum air horns recommended for use with the Weber manifold.