Precision Automotive Machining Services

CNC Valve Seat Cutting | Decking | Boring | Line Hone | Hot Hone | Balancing | Porting

The Machine-shop at Hasselgren Engineering in Berkeley, California is available for performance engine machining services.

newen cutter toyota headFor high quality valve jobs using  Newen’s new Fixed-Turning machine or precision decking on the Berco with XYZ 0.0001″ positioning, Hasselgren has always offered these services as a job shop in addition to prepping Hasselgren’s own engines.

Sunnen Cylinder Hot HoneHasselgren’s CNC Sunnen Hot Hone is used in conjunction with custom heated torque plates and oil heated to engine operating temperature for the truest bores when the engine is fully loaded.

Hasselgren also owns CNC Mazak and Mori-Seki VMC’s and an Okuma lathe for prototype or production parts.