Modular Ford – Formula Drift

Vaughn Gittin Jr won Championship with Hasselgren Engine

Falken Mustang JR modular fordHasselgren’s Modular Ford engine powered Falken Tire’s Mustang to the 2008 championship, driven by standout Vaughn Gittin Jr.

The team came to Hasselgren after experiencing several failures of the crate engine early in 2008.  The billet chain guides were part of the key to success for improving reliability for the Hasselgren Modular Ford engine.

The billet chain guides are available from Hasselgren.

TransAm Ford Fuel Injection

Small Block Ford 310, Yates Heads

Crossover Carbon Trumpets, Individual Throttle Bodies, Bosch MS3.1

In Feb 2005, Hasselgren began the design for the carburettor-to-fuel injection conversion for Greg Pickett’s TransAm Jaguar XKR. Hasselgren was provided the worst performing engine owned by the team and turned it into their favorite power plant in time for the first Grand Prix of San Jose in July 2005 where they finished 2nd place in a nail-biting finish.

The conversion was constrained by the rules of the race series sanctioning body and the aggressive schedule; highlights of new custom design included: new cam profile, carbon crossover intake trumpets and aluminum individual throttle bodies for the Yates heads, crank/cam triggers per Bosch ECU requirements, carbon airbox.

For more in-depth detail, see the Race Engine Technology article.