Billet Barrel Throttle Valve

New! Hasselgren’s first billet barrel throttle valve

Toyota 4age

Barrel throttles have an inherent advantage over butterfly throttles in regards to flow and power.   This package has been designed for stock port injection or “trumpet” injection.

In “trumpet” or “gantry” style injection systems (where the injector is mounted upstream of the velocity stack) the barrel throttle typically has issues with part throttle fuel droplet handling.  Hasselgren’s internal design details addresses these shortcomings.

Note: as a retrofit to a Swift 014 chassis, the trunnion bar also needs to be replaced.

Toyota 4ag | 4age

Formula Atlantic | Rally | MR2

Building the 1600cc Toyota 4ag engine, Hasselgren won the Formula Atlantic “TRD Engine Builder of the Year” award for 8 consecutive years, 1996-2003, before becoming the Series Spec Engine Builder for 2004 and 2005.
Hasselgren has continued to develop the engine for SCCA Club racing and in 2009 won the National SCCA Runoffs at Road America, the SCCA Triple Crown and the SCCA Super Sweep, driven by Mirl Swan.

Hasselgren has a billet oil pan available for the 4ag, with improved performance and strength over the TRD casting.