Engine Tuning

Engine Mapping on the Dyno and on Track

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) | Pectel | Motec | Bosch ECUs

Hasselgren has extensive experience mapping performance engines with Pectel (now Cosworth Electronics), Motec and Bosch ECUs as well as some Club-level brands such as Haltech, AEM/Wolf, BigStuff3.

Hasselgren is an official dealer for Pectel (Cosworth) and Motec ECU’s and can supply a full EFI system complete with chassis and engine harnesses, sensors and electronic dash.  Hasselgren designs and builds custom trigger arrangements, as necessary for the particular engine and ECU.

EFI Control Options:AVLControlRoom

  • naturally aspirated or turbo with electronic boost control
  • full sequential or batch fire injection
  • individual coil firing or via a legacy distributor
  • variable valve timing (VVT)
  • electronic throttle (fly-by-wire, FBW)
  • knock control

On the dyno, Hasselgren can fine-tune engine mapping with individual cylinder fuel and spark trims using individual cylinder lambda (air-fuel ratio) and EGT’s (exhaust gas temperature).

On track, Hasselgren can optimize engine control for best response and driveability, shift-no-lift (or no-lift-shift), launch control, traction control and pit-lane speed limit control, as appropriate for the particular race car or race series.